Summer Skirmish 5 Results

Results of Summer Skirmish 5 NA and EU:

This weekend was the fifth edition of the summer skirmish on Fortnite: Battle Royale, to get more info on the format: (link summer skirmish 5)

Here’s a reminder of the prizepool:

On the NA side here is the top 5:

1.NotVivid,Liquid POACH – 50

2.Ghost Dmo,Ghost Bizzle – 36

3.Ghost Saf,Ghost Ghoul. – 34

4.CouRageJD,Hysteria – 31

5.FaZe Cloak,Not Tfue – 28

Ninja, who was playing in the tournament with Reverse2k_TTV, finished in 18th place.

On the EU side here is the top 5:

1.Twitch K1nzell,Atlantis Mitr0 – 44

2.twitchkejser,Octagon Severin – 44

3.Xypher TesquoTTV,Xypher snafuu – 40

4.RazZzero0oTwitch,brokenPSN – 29

5.KINGUIN Hoopek,KINGUIN Sk1x – 27

Congratulations to them and see you next week for a new Summer Skirmish