Balance update – 9 august

Epic games has rolled out a weapon and build balancing update for Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The compact SMG as well as the drum gun are hit.

The compact SMG (or P90), when it was introduce, created a lot of discussion in the community, the latter complaining about its power compared to the arsenal already available in the game.

The devs have been listening to the complaints of the players and today propose a balance update reducing its power.
Epic games explains : “The new changes are aimed at allowing for strengths and weaknesses between the SMGs, shotguns and structures during close range combat.

Here are all the changes


By increasing initial wall health values based on material type, material strength should feel more intuitive when making decisions

  • Wood wall initial HP increased from 80 to 90
  • Stone wall initial HP increased from 80 to 100
  • Metal wall initial HP increased from 80 to 110



Dropping SMG effectiveness – they should feel good against structures, but not consistently be the best option in multiple scenarios.

Compact SMG

  • Reduced damage from 22/21 to 21/20
  • Reduced magazine size from 50 to 40

Drum Gun

  • Reduced falloff range damage from 80% to 70% at 3500 units
  • Reduced falloff range damage from 65% to 55% at 5000+ units
  • Added environmental damage fall off matching player damage fall off
  • Decreased jumping accuracy by 5%
  • Decreased targeting accuracy by 10%
  • Reduced spawn rate from chests and floor loot by 40%


Let’s see if this changes are going to make a change in the current meta.